Bring up your best while at College

The results are ‘OUT’ for class 12 & 10 and students are eager to get onto to next steps in their journey of life. It is the season for college admissions and selection of subjects/courses of study eventually leading to career choices.

Pause for a moment!

Re-imagine yourself and discover your unique individual talents and then get on with your journey using your strengths:

  • build yourself on what you already are, not trying to become someone you’re not;
  • provided you know who you are;
  • know yourself and confirm/change your course of study according to your talents and strengths;
  • yes, if you know you can leverage these for your studies right from Standard- X, XII, UG, PG, career and life thereafter;
  • it all begins with KNOWING YOURSELF—-your talents, values and strengths.

SatysSparks student coaching strengths workshops have benefited a number of students. The graphic depicts the benefits that students derived and are currently enjoying doing what they do. They are set up for an empowered and fulfilling life.

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