What is my mgh?

It is infinity. My potential is infinite. So is yours. So is for everyone.

Let me prove.

m = mass in physics. What does it mean in terms of my talents and strengths? It is the product of my KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS.  If is these two are related to my talents, then the product is infinity…. not yet. Two more products.

As per Clifton® Strengths Assessment, my talents are: Learner, Achiever, Strategic, Arranger, Input. These talents have been defined by Gallup® “naturally recurring pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be productively applied”.

In mgh, “g” is constant (on earth). So are my five talents, these are constant and have not changed since my childhood (now I am 65+). Although, I took the CliftonStrengths Assessment in August 2015, but these relate to as far back as my memory can go.

The third factor is “h”. It means height. Higher the platform greater is the potential. My height is infinity ie ∞. Although my height is 5 ft 5 inches, but both my feet and head are located at infinity ie ∞, my mental heights, my desires, my ambitions, my expectations, my dreams have no limit

Here is the complete formula for my mgh a-la potential

 Mass   x                                  Gravity           x                             Height


mgh = (Knowledge x Skills) x (Learner x Achiever x Strategic x Arranger x Input) x (Infinity ) = INFINITY