What happens when IQ, CQ and PQ meet?

Young budding, intelligent, curious and passionate met at Mysore on 23 September 2017, Saturday to attend Strengths-Based Workshop for a day. The group comprised young entrepreneurs of Dvizira Private Limited, Engineering Students of Vidhya Vardhaka College of Engineering, Vidya Vikas Institute of Engineering and Ex-student of the Christ University Bangalore and now a Post Graduate Student of the IGNOU who has cracked the CDS Examination preparing for the SSB to join the Army.

They are all Curious, Passionate and Intelligent. They neither want to do anything within the Box nor outside the box but they want to work without any box. They want to help the society by building technology. They want to get rid of corrupt people. They want to develop technology for the defence of the nation. They want to leap the civilization to the next level. They want to do things that people classify at impossible——-IM-POSSIBLE. They want to make the world a better place for social growth and prosperity. They want to see a happy society. They want to develop technology to be used by the society. They want to bring about a revolution in the field of education—especially for the children of lower strata.


They all have dreams and working to realize their dreams—individually and collectively.

It was a great challenge for me to become part of their dreams with their high IQ+CQ+PQ.  Ideation, Futuristic and Learners talents were predominant in them. They showed their IQ+PQ+CQ by asking and discussing questions about which Voltaire said in 17th Century (CE) that “JUDGE A MAN BY HIS QUESTIONS RATHER THAN BY HIS ANSWERS”.  Thomas L. Friedman wrote in his book Thank you for Being Late (page 103) that “In the twenty-first century, knowing all the answers won’t distinguish someone’s intelligence- rather the ability to ask the right questions will be mark of true genius” — and this bunch of youngsters are geniuses of 21st Century.


At the end of 8.5 hours of workshop their remarks were: Excellent; Tremendous journey, lovely experience, hope to meet you soon for furthering Strengths-Based Development; A new and wonderful experience; well organised effort to bring out the hidden potential of the individual participants; It was really helpful and made us realise our strengths; I came across my strengths and I learnt how to focus and manage my weaknesses; it is one of the best feelings to know your strengths and work on them; I have got a proper path for my career to choose in future. The guidance was fruitful and has made my mind set. Overall it was amazing to interact with you sir; The report (Gallup Report) strikes you like “surprise”. It was perfectly helpful and exciting workshop.

 The geniuses with IQ+PQ+CQ are Tanvi Srikant, V. Muralidhara, Surya MR, Raghava Madhyastha, Punith Raj, Nuthan Prasanna, Vishwas D, Shivani Kshirsagar, Amit Lokhande, Kaavya Suresh and Poovaiah MB.

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