The Team: कबड्डी कबड्डी! कबड्डी कबड्डी ! मर गया। जी गया। Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Dead and Alive

Prior to internationalization of Kabaddi (कबड्डी कबड्डी) in late 1950s and early 60s we in the village used to play kabaddi (कबड्डी) with very simple accounting system that determined winners or losers. All boys assembled got divided into two teams. While playing, the boy lost the breadth or got touched by opponent or was touched by the opponent was decaled dead (मर गया). He was made to sit outside the field. As and when an opponent boy was declared dead (मर गया), then the other boy was declared alive (जी गया) and he joined his team. This way the game carried on till one side had no one left ie all dead (मर गया). Those early formative years of my life I realised the value of team while playing Kabaddi (कबड्डी). You were decaled dead due to team work of opponents and you were declared alive due to the team work of own side. Kabaddi (कबड्डी). Gives us one of the best example of team work.

How do we build and operate a Strengths-Based Team?

The first and the foremost action is to know yourself, which has been covered in detail in my previous blogs. The second most important aspect is to know your team members. To build a successful team each member of the team must know the strengths, values and other characteristics of each members. A strengths-based Interdependent team will look like this:

Knowing each other will increase the Open Areas when studied on the graphs of Johari Window.

What will happen with the increase in the Open Area? It will increase the level of confidence in each other. It will bring in respect and dignity while dealing with each other, they will all understand as to why one behaves the way he/she behaves. It will bring in Harmony amongst all. Member will be ever willing to support each other. This will increase the productivity, reduce absenteeism, improve employee engagement and will better the employee retention. Assignment of Responsibilities as per the Strengths.



The figures illustrated below exemplifies as how to assign responsibilities in a balanced team.