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According to Gallup® #Strengths Assessment, my number one signature theme is #LEARNER. I am a life long learner. I have been a learner since my childhood—always something more than the syllabus/what was taught in class rooms.

I went to school/college to Learn. I was taught in the class rooms. But in the Class room I learnt not even 15% of the subject. If I liked the topic/subject I went home/dormitory/library and learnt more about it. I also went to teachers for extra guidance. Some time I resorted to tuition to learn more about it. Of course, mind boggling homework made me learn more and more…. But only the topics/subjects that I liked. Other topics/subjects I mugged it up to vomit out in the examinations and forgot it thereafter.

I have noticed that the BEST learning process is carried out for students of #UNNATI www.unnatiblr.org

Yesterday I took a two-hours learning session on Stress Management. Initial introduction to the subject in an interactive manner took 15 minutes. There were 18 students. All B.Com. They are within the age group of 18-26. They were given RED post it and asked to write FIVE aspects from their experience in life that give them stress . They wrote and posted these on the board. The next phase was to write on GREEN post it, aspects that de-stress them. They wrote and pasted on the board. These were compiled under two respective mind maps.

I as a guide (not a teacher on a teachers’ day) just kindled their brains and they came out with more points of stress management that what I had planned to cover.

Finale was, each one of them wrote five De-Stressing actions that they would take hereafter. They all wrote according to their choices. One student read out his choices and asked me if those were right choices. He was prisoner of the mindset where he was taught right or wrong answers. In this case these were his choices—- every word that he wrote would always be right.

One student remarked that “In schools and colleges we were taught to pass examinations. In UNNATI we learn for life”.

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By a team member of www.satyssparks.com