Talent SHORTAGE at an all-time high

Published in “The Hindu” page 7, Bengaluru Edition 11 July 2018.

“Talent shortage is at a 12-year high. Japan (89%), Romania (81%), Taiwan (78%), Hong Kong (76%), Indian (56%), and Singapore (56%) are among countries facing greatest difficulty in hiring required talent.”


  • Organizations being unable to hire right talent
  • Finding candidates with right blend of technical skills and Human #Strengths

Examination of Challenges?

Technical Skills are the hard skills which can be acquired if a person has the Human #Strengths. Human #Strengths comes naturally that can be developed if a person has that Talent. Talent has been defined by #Gallup® as “naturally recurring pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be productively applied”. I have inborn talent to be a natural Learner, Achiever, Strategic, Arranger and Input. These have been my companion since my childhood.

My Human Strengths and Technical Skills commenced development since childhood. Today we, the Team of #SatysSparks has the right mix of “The Fuzzy and the Techie” as described by Scott Hartley in his book.

सदा वसन्तं .. (Shloka on Shiva) always cheerful, are the words describing Lord Shiva. It is natural talent to be cheerful at the time of adversity. #MSDhoni, the Captain Kool has the talent to be keep his wits about even in adverse situations—- this is one of the leadership #Strengths one is born with, which can be developed and Not acquired.

If you ask “Albert Pinto को ग़ुस्सा क्यों आता है? (title of a Bollywood Movie). Getting angry on a certain circumstance is his natural behaviour. He can control his temper for some time, some where but one day the balloon will burst, and Albert Pinto will flare up.

“न सर झुका के जियो न मुन्ह छिपा के जियो ग़मों का दौर भी आये तो मुस्कुरा के जियो।“ (… from Bollywood Movie “Hamraj”) Again this is a leadership trait, one is born with and can be developed. It simply means do not be ashamed to face the tough time in life. Keep smiling even during adverse situation.

And finally, pearls of wisdom on Leadership at all levels come from this line from poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you”

The Solution

Four aspects described above are four of many Human #Strengths that can be developed provided a person has the natural talent in that field. For example, a Data Scientist must have Analytical Talents. He/she can become a Data Scientist without having analytical talent, in that case he/she may not be able to analyse the data thrown to him/her by the machine/algorithm . Similar would be the case with the candidates being hired for Executive Skills, Relationship building/keeping skills and skills to Influence Stake holders. Merely Technical Skills will not help, Human Skills are must.

#Strengths-Based Programme developed by #Satyssparks (www.satyssparks.com) provides solution to get right fit candidates with Human #Strengths.

Solutions are applicable not only in selecting right fit candidates, but also in talent development, engagement of selected candidates to its full potential, creating highly motivated team for higher productivity and of course creating leaders and led who will know: “How to behave?” “How to treat ?”

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