Strengths of Twins: Brother and Sister

Anu and Abhi are twins. Anu is elder. They are studying in Standard X. They underwent Strengths-Based Coaching and they discovered their strengths, they understood these and made plans to achieve academic excellence by leveraging these strengths. They discovered that they have different strengths and do not have even one common theme out of their five signature themes at all. When Anu and Abhi combine their signature theme as a team, they have 2 in the Executive Domains, 1 in Influencing domain, 5 in Relationship building domain and 2 in Strategic Thinking Domain. So, both have 3 and 2 Strengths in Relationship Domains respectively. They both like to help people. So whatever profession they choose, will be oriented to help people and build excellent relationship.

At the end of the coaching this what they had to say:-

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