Strengths-Based Programme for a Prestigious Construction Company

The participants from Mfar Constructions Pvt Ltd, a construction company attended a 2-day strength-based development workshop at Bangalore, 20-21 Feb 2018. They were coached in self- discovery and supported to develop individualized development plans using their strengths determined through CliftonStrengths Assessment and Strengths-Based Team and Strengths-Based Leadership.

Expectations from the Workshop were

Mfar runs because of people. People development is at core of the organization to succeed. In furtherance of this objective and to develop communication & leadership skills in middle/ senior managers from different departments, a 2-day workshop for 20 participants was organized on 20 – 21 Feb 2018.

At the end of the day two Participants wrote:

  1. In addition to discovering my strengths and understanding how to ‘aim’ them to achieve my personal goals, found the team strengths grid and how to develop into an inspiring leader very useful. I intend using many of the tools and techniques learned starting tomorrow.

2.Discovery of a new ‘Me’ was an eye opener, I found the Leadership skill development session very simple and effective. I will use the techniques that I gained in the workshop. The Communication and Presentation sessions were very useful and down to earth.

  1. Self – discovery and leadership sessions were very interesting and the activities done during the workshop helped imbibe the concepts learnt about strengths. The energy and enthusiasm brought by the 3 coaches is mention worthy. The 2 days workshop was great return on investment and my time spent.
  2. Learning involved Strengths-Based self-discovery ie know your strengths; self-development ie leveraging strengths to achieve personal as well as organizational goals, team building ie creating and leading strengths-based interdependent team; and finally, all learnt leadership skills to create an atmosphere of Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope. These will not only improve their current ROI but also prepare themselves for the future higher leadership.