“Soft skills and our ability to understand human nature are far more important than coding”

This is with the reference to an interview of Scott Hartley published in Times of India, Bangalore Edition, Page 18 of Sunday 10 June 2018.

Question: The title of your book goes on to say that liberal arts rule the digital world. Why do you say so?

Scott Hartley “For many years, we have obsessed over technology, and the language of technology – code. But what I saw in Silicon Valley is that code is actually one of the least valuable components. What’s far more valuable is applying technology to big human problems. This requires having context, knowing how to ask the right questions, how to make a compelling argument, write effectively, hire and collaborate with a team, and execute against a vision. In other words, soft skills are our ability to understand human nature are far more important than coding. Many of the best technology founders in Silicon Valley are from non-technology backgrounds.”   Link for further reading of the interview is  https://epaperlive.timesofindia.com/TOI/BLR#display_area

Scott Hartley, emphases that understanding of the Humans are more important than technology – coding. How true and apt—- technologies are meant to bring about a change for the betterment in the lives of humans, therefore understanding of Humans are the sine-qua – non for the technologies to succeed.

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