Power of Strengths-Based Programme

Anubhuti went through Strengths-Based programme for the first time for 8 hours in a group coaching on 10 July 2016 and again 8 hours session in a group coaching on 06 Nov 2016. She commented:

( 10/07/2016) “It was really a great experience knowing my strengths and personality. I believe the purpose of this session have been served tremendously.  Thank you!”   (06/11/2016) “It was really incredible learning and led me towards self awareness”

Anubhuti has undergone Strengths-Based Self-Awareness & Discovery, Team Building and Leadership Coaching under me. Her greatest Strengths are “Harmony, Empathy, Adaptability, Connectedness and Relator” She is quite unique, one and only one out of 600 students and professionals whom I have coached: her signature themes are under one domain ie Relationship Building. It means that ” she can provide the essential glue to hold a team together. Without these strengths on a team, in many cases, the group is simply a composite of individuals. In contrast, Anubhuti with exceptional Relationship Building strengths has the unique ability to help the group become much greater than the sum of its parts.”

I as her Coach, recommend her for leadership role in a strong team. She will do well in a chaotic situation by overcoming the chaos. She has the talents to be connected to people with compassion.  Her talent of Empathy will manifest in very high degree of Emotional Intelligence.  She can be an effective counsellor to people who need help.  She is a great human and will help human beings to grow.

Now she is a successful Business Development Executive at HP Platinum Partner–Vortex Techno Solution








Comments by Anubhuti Patnaha

“Thank you Sir, it was a great learning experience for me & privileged to be a part of your workshop. It has helped me to unleash my potentials. 😊😊”.  Anubhuti, 04 March 2018

“Rarely you come across such life changing experience. Thank you Satyendra Kumar.”  .Anubhuti, 04 March 2018