Past is Context. We will shape the future.

“No barrier which can’t be overcome” said one of the participants of the Strengths-Based Training Programme at PMNC17 session at Chennai on 15 September 2017. He was responding to a question “what barriers do you anticipate as you attempt to put these new skills into practice?

It was a four-hour session for 240 participants out of which 70 had taken the CliftonStrengths Assessment. It was a vibrant session in which everyone participated. It was evident from the question answer sessions. Very intelligent and probing questions were discussed.

The best was their unanimity is understanding the Strengths-Based Development Philosophy and its application in the present and future in the fields of work, education and family.

In the FeedForward that they wrote on the question of What impact will strengths create at workplace?  Responses were

  • Applying strengths will have positive impact
  • Improve the team interactions and Improve productivity
  • Knowing the right strengths that can come to play in my role
  • Can improve team performance and business outcomes
  • Employees satisfied at work. More engaged employees leading to Organization goal achievement
  • Positivity in the workplace
  • Having right people at @right jobs
  • Changed outlook to my life and will improve my work

At the end of the session a couple came to me and narrated their story as to how they are a Strengths-Based Family. They know each other’s Strengths and Behave and Treat accordingly.

The future as they say in this world is VUCA (Vulnerability, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). In this world, Environment, Market (Globalization) and Technology are accelerating forward (Thomas L. Friedman). “You’ll understand your mate, your boss, your friends, your kids. You’ll see how to unleash your potential – and your children” by Dr Carol S. Dweck.

How can we unleash our potential?


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