My Umbrella

This is an ordinary Umbrella. This is Not an ordinary Umbrella. It is not costly, yet it is valuable. It has protected, is protecting and will continue to protect with its values. One of its supporting stretcher (connecting between runner and the rib) is broken, still it is supporting values.

“Sir, can I can paste my value drawing from the board to Umbrella”, asked an UNNATI ( Girl Student undergoing training.

“Why”? I questioned her.

She said “Sir, my values pasted on the board will be seen by a few people either at my work place or at home, but if on the umbrella, it will protect me in rainy days and sunny days. I will always carry this umbrella of values”.

I allowed her. Since then it has become my “Umbrella of Values”. It has featured in all my workshops. 28 Value Cards are by Gallup® as part of “Maximizing Values”. I always make it mandatory for my clients to go through value exercise involving Value Cards of Gallup®, drawing of values after selecting five of their core values, then pasting value drawings either on board, umbrella or on a basket.


Almost 50% of my clients paste their drawings of core values on the “Umbrella of Values”. This “Umbrella of Values” have appeared in my Blogs, Posts and Articles precisely 28 times in the last two years. But always with different lot of participants.


I had purchased this for ₹38 (about one USD$) in 1995, when I started playing golf. It protected me from the “Rain and Sun” for over 20 years when one of its supporting stretcher broke. It could not be repaired, but now this broken umbrella has become my “Umbrella of Value”.



(Some time number of participants were beyond the capabilities of my “Umbrella of Values”, other umbrellas also contributed to values)

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