Leading Millennials using Strengths based Leadership

Those born just before the turn of the last century behave differently. They like to know their purpose in life and not just the pay check. They like to work from their strengths and excel without getting tied down by their weaknesses. These millennials cannot be managed the way earlier generations have been managed. They must be inspired and enabled through a special brand of leadership.‘Don’t even try to manage these millennials, the largest generation in the workforce – lead them.’

Gallup®, the largest research advisory on behavioral aspects of leaders around the world, has examined decades of data on the topic of leadership, leader behavior surveys and follower responses on leader effectiveness.

The linked presentation highlights leadership effectiveness of Gallup advisory in context of millennial workforce management. It presents a case study of leading teams of millennials through leadership challenges by applying the Gallup Strengths based Leadership® framework. By effective application of such a leadership framework, the millennial engagement and their alignment with organization objectives can be enhanced manifold.

This was presented in PMI Bangalore Project Management Conference on 21 July 2017 by our Strengths Coach Murari Thayi.

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