If a Link in the Chain is W..k !

This question was asked to me during a Strengths-Based Coaching Session.

In strengths – based approach, a w..kness is a shortage or misapplication of talent, skill or knowledge that cause problems for you or others.

So there is nothing like absolute w..kness. It’s comparative. In a particular situation, one may be w..k but in another situation the same person may be very strong.

Look at the Chain 1, it’s an IRON chain and a link is very w..k.  On investigation, it was found that the w..k link was made of GOLD, how could it fit in an IRON chain. So, in the IRON chain the GOLD was a w..k link.




How did a GOLD link get into an IRON chain? May be GOLD link did not know it is GOLD. He would have studied the properties of Iron and got a degree. Thus, it was selected to be part of IRON chain or may be many other undefined reasons. But once there as part of an IRON chain the GOLD link would frequently break down. The chain was not serving its purpose.






Later, some wise person analysed the properties of the GOLD link and thus knew the reasons for the under performance by the GOLD link. He got an IRON link and replaced the GOLD link. The GOLD link was placed in a GOLD chain where it performed very well and was in commensurate with all the links the chain had.

It was a total misapplication of the GOLD link.


I do not even like to write W..K, hence two alphabets are blank.