How did the Strengths-Based Workshop Progress?

Here are the comments from a senior manager of #Jumbotail Technologies Private Limited, who attended four days #Strengths-Based Coaching Sessions. It was conducted by the Team of #Satyssparks.

Day 1. Points 5/5. The session was crisp to the point. It was so because of the meticulous design & thoughts that have gone into designing the workshop.

Day 2. No feedback sought

Day 3. Points 4/5. Overall an informative session filled with key features that are mainly “practically applicable in real life situations”

Day 4. Points 4.98/5. Entire workshop was meticulously planned and executed. I did learn a great deal about looking at #leadership from different perspectives. Thank you for this.

Comments by the Team of #Satyssparks

Overall Feedback was taken basically on two aspects, ie Understanding of the Programme by 13 Participants of #Jumbotail and Relevance of the programme to their work-life. The numerical scores out of 5 to Understanding and Relevance are 4.49 and 4.47 respectively. The programme was specially designed for this intrinsic team of #Jumbotail headed by #Allwyn. Designing of the Programme took almost a month after several interactions with #Allwyn. The contents were suitably modified after each day of the session depending upon the comments from the participants.