Horses’ Mouths

“Great Tool to Create Self-Awareness” Wrote the Team Leader in the Feedback after undergoing Day 1 of Coaching Workshop (8 hours of group coaching) on Strengths-Based Self Awareness and Development. Entire intervention is planned under four parts viz Part 1: Self- discovery and Development (8 hours), Part 2: Q12 Survey and getting to know the Needs of the Individual Team members (4 hours), Part 3: Strengths-Based Team Development (8 hours), Part 4: Strengths-Based Leadership, (8 hours).

The group comprises a Young Team of 13 persons including the leader. It is the Vendor Management & Procurement Team of Jumbotail Technologies Private Limited; a start-up company.

A few of other Feedback are:

  • Stories used to bring about the insight/meaning of the themes were very helpful.
  • It helped a lot from introspection point of view.
  • Helped to understand how should we behave with another person? How will I behave? How will you treat?
  • Interesting session. Helps in self-awareness.
  • Makes you realize that working on Strengths is essential.
  • The workshop was crisp and to the point. It was so because of the meticulous design and thoughts put in preparations for the workshop.
  • Great to understand and get clarity on one’s Talents and Strengths.
  • I was very satisfied with the coaching session because (1) it made me realize my strengths; (2) made me aware of my values and how to find a way to reach my goals using them; and (3) managing weaknesses.
  • The communication of very delicate topics like personal development was handled very well.
  • The preparations of both of you (Murari Thayi and Satyendra Kumar) were awesome.
  • Very introspective; good learning on self-awareness; workshop was nicely scheduled; and communication was very neat and to the point.
  • Eye opening workshop session; great enthusiasm & involvement of coaches (Murari Thayi and Satyendra Kumar); exemplary utilization of personal and professional experiences.

These were the words from the horses’ mouths about the first day of the group coaching of an intrinsic team, led by Vice President Allwyn D’Souza of Jumbotail.

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