Researchers have studied job traits that lead to happiness and greater life satisfaction and concluded that most people prefer a good work-life balance above all else.

“Variety and learning new things are important, but not as important as work – life balance,” says Jan – Emmanuel De Neve, associate professor of economics and strategy at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School. “If you feel your job is preventing you from giving time to your family or partner, or you worry about work problems even when you’re not working, or if you’re too tired after work to enjoy other things, that has a massive effect on your well-being”. …article “Choose Happiness Every Time” by #Shivani Sen, published in Reader’s Digest, May 2018.

While coaching several intrinsic Corporate Teams, in one of the employee engagement survey, I put the statement “ I am able to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal commitments” . They were to grade it from 1 to 5, One being the least and Five  being the best. The result was:

We, the Team of SatysSparks conducted a programme about improvement in Work-Life balance and at the end of it, Understanding and Relevance of the programme received 4.92 and 5 out of 5 respectively, while all other segments of the programme got lesser grading.

To conclude; it would suffice to say that Work – Life balance can happen only if all of us understand our jobs, should be able to prioritize, manage ourselves within the time of 86400 seconds that we get every day, and work from our #Strengths Zones. Besides performance being near perfect and timely, it will lead to happiness by balancing life.

“ During war time a soldier applied for leave on the ground that his wife was pregnant and was to deliver a baby shortly. He was refused leave. He sought interview of his commending officer. Commending officer questioned his loyalty to the nation during the war time. The soldier spoke “Sir, there are millions of people to take care of the nation, but I am the only one to take care of my wife”. His leave was approved…….unknown source, I read it long back