Future is always bright provided we……………

…. prepare for it. In preparation of the same School of Management Studies of Reva University organised a Panel Discussion on the most burning subject “Innovative Strategies in 21st Century Business and Management”.

The Panel Discussion Team comprised Nitin Sethi from Quikr, Abhay Tandon of Target, Ravikiran Annaswamy from Innohabit, Vinay Puri from Webinova and Satyendra Kumar from Satyssparks.

Dr P Shyama Raju, the President and Chancellor led the discussion with his address to students and staff. He emphasises on future leadership and treatment meted out by him as a leader to all students. Dr N Ramesh, the Dean and Training, Placement and Planning covered the aspects of future placement and entrepreneurs. Dr Shubha A, Director of the School of Management Studies urged students to be diligent and prepare for the future by working in a disciplined way.

My chosen topic of discussion and presentation was about the future leadership and about their behaviours and treatment. To prepare for the accelerating world, we all must be ahead of time. Learn and skill ourselves for 20 years hence and not merely for today or five years. The take away point were

  • Growth Mindset
  • Know your talents
  • Know your strengths
  • Work from your strengths zone
  • Work in the job which you are good at
  • Learn new skills
  • Learning is life long process—continue learning and skilling
  • As a leader leverage your strengths to behave and to treat to establish Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope
  • Learn to collaborate.

I would like to thank Dr Nitu Ghose, Assistant Professor and Vinay Puri of Webinova for giving me this opportunity to present my views.