Don’t climb the tree: Use a ladder


This is the story of 09 August 2013 of Green Zone of Baghdad. Dates were half ripened, the front portion was brown, and the top half was yellow. This is considered the best and tastiest dates.

The tree was about 30 feet high. I was determined to eat these half- ripened dates. By then I had just crossed sixty springs. I was not trained to climb a date tree. I did not have harnesses required to climb a date tree. I had no one who was trained to climb a date tree so that I could hire him/her. Yet I was determined to eat half ripened dates.

It was after a deliberation and thinking of strategies for about an hour, I decided to wheel the nearby fire ladder to the date tree. I locked it and climbed the ladder and plucked the most delicious dates that I ever had. I plucked adequate quantity to distribute amongst my friends. While I was on the ladder, I requested one of the onlooker to take a snap from my iPhone.

So, I managed my weakness by using a “tool”, a “support system”.  This was a simplest and the clearest example of managing weaknesses.

Focus on strengths and manage around weaknesses is the Gallup’s® Philosophy.

Weaknesses – we all have a lot of them! What about weaknesses? Strengths occur against a backdrop of weaknesses. It’s like light and darkness – we can’t distinguish one without the other. So, ironically, weaknesses are an important for strengths development. Weaknesses are an important part of developing our talents into strengths. Talent has been defined by Gallup® as a naturally recurring pattern of thoughts, feelings, or behaviour that can be productively applied. These talents become Strengths when suitable knowledge, skills, coaching and practises are applied. Strength is the ability to consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance in a specific task.

In a strength – based approach, a weakness is a shortage or misapplication of talent, skill or knowledge that cause problems for us or others. Suppose I would have tried to climb the date tree, and I would have fallen and suffer multiple fracture/injuries—– it would have been a catastrophe — application of no talents or application of my weaknesses.

We all must be aware of our weaknesses, account for them, and use our strengths to address them. our strengths are our access to addressing our weakness – so strengths and weaknesses are inexorably tied together. A weakness, gets in the way of our success. Therefor the best bet is to manage our weaknesses.

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