Do you know?


Umbrella of Values 

Your talents, strengths and values?

Your managers’, colleagues’, sub-ordinates’ talents, strengths and values?

Your individual development plans? Or do you have any development plan at all?


Individual Development PlansWhat do you love? What do you hate? Why do you get stressed? (Gallup®)

What does your manager, colleagues, sub-ordinates love? What do they hate? Why do they get stresses?

Why do you have, or your manager has a small Open Area and large Blind Area, Large Unknown area and Large Hidden Area?

How does a leader increase her/his Open Area and reduce Blind, Unknown and Hidden Areas?

Johari Window                               

How to describe yourself?

How to describe your manager, colleagues and sub-ordinates?

What is a Powerful Partnership and how to build one?

Powerful Partnership

What responsibility to assign to each member of the team?

Why you are better in something?

Why others are better in something?

As a leader how should you behave?

As a leader how should you treat?


What is the common mission of the team?

Affirmative responses to these are the indispensable (sine-qua-non) prescription for a Strengths Based Interdependent and Powerful Team. A Strengths-Based Team has been defined by Gallup® as “a group of imperfect but talented contributors valued for their strengths, who need one another to realize individual and team excellence”

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