Can TRUST be quantified?

Other day I was having a session on Strengths-Based Programme with the members of the AFUNPI (Association of Former United Nations Personnel in India) at the Century Club in Bangalore. A discussion emerged on Trust. Can Trust be quantified?

Can we say I trust him/her 90%? Or

80% of the team members Trust the leader? Or

I trust him or her with ₹1,000 and not with ₹100,000?

May be in most organizations Financial powers are based on status/position/responsibility one is holding. It increases on promotion to next level.

So, Trust also increases with status?

If we examine David Maister’s Trust equation ie

TRUST is (Credibility + Reliability +Intimacy) divided by  (Self-Orientation)

None of the above factors can be quantified.

After a long discussion, it was concluded that Trust can not be quantified. It has to be built over a period of time. It is one of the vital factors for the human relationship, applicable to all.

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