Behave, Treat, Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope

15 Professors from PES College of Engineering went through Strengths-Based Coaching of 29 May 2017 at UNNATI Centre, Bengaluru.


It all started with their taking Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment on 22 May 2017. They were very enthusiastic and communicative and narrated their life experiences on one of their themes. The Aha moment reached within no time. They all identified themselves with their respective strengths. Most of them did not highlight the Personalized Reports because every word and sentence resonated them.

The next important aspect was that they determined their values, drew these values and presented these to the participants. The exuberance shown while presenting values was like live wire. One of them Creativity as a Value drew banana on a mango tree. One of them who had pasted his drawing on an umbrella narrated that Umbrella of Values will protect him both on a rainy day as well on a sunny day.



The final culmination of the session was with they all working with one of the signature themes and determining as with this being a dominant theme (i) How can he/she become a great professor? (ii) How will he/she treat students by leveraging his/her strengths? (iii) How will he/she leverage his/her strengths to build Trust, treat students with compassion, provide stability and hope?  Not only this, they picked up one of the themes of a student (mock up) and worked out how to leverage those magic six words to make them students great learners.