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How to become the most successful student, dignified employees, respected managers and leaders?

Module 1. Individualised Strengths Based Development Programme

Taking Online Clifton Strengths Finder Test

Coaching Group of 20: full day

Module 1 is an interactive session for 8 hours with 20 participants. This will involve online test and then being coached based of their respective individual talents. The learning values are (participants will)

Know their talents

Understand their talents

Learn how to convert these talents into strengths

Learn how to leverage their strengths to achieve their goals

Learn how to make an Individual Development Plan

Know their strengths domains.

Module 2.Strengths Based Team building Programme

To be conducted after Module 1


Group of 20: 2 nd day

Module 2 named as PANCHTATVA will be conducted only after the completion of Module 1. It is a full day interactive workshop (exercise) in which participants will be exercised on various facets of team building and managerial skills. PNACHTATVA is based on the backdrop of SMART CITY. The participants will learn

To determine strengths and domains of a team

Strengths Based Talent selection

Strengths Based Talent Engagement

Strengths Based Leading Performance

Strengths Based Talent Development

How to increase the OPEN AREA on the Johari’s window?

How to create an interdependent team?

How to create a STRONG Team?

Module 3: Strengths Based Leadership

To be conducted after Modules 1 & 2


Group of 20: 3 rd Day

Module 3, named as CHAMATKAR will be conducted after the completion of Modules 1 &2. It is a full day interactive workshop (exercise) in which the participants will be exercised on various facets of leadership. It based on the concept that everyone is a leader only if they work in their respective strengths zones. They will reach dizzy heights only if they perform in their strengths zone. It is again in the backdrop of a SMART City. The participants will learn.

Why people follow?

How to build an organisation/team with Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope?

How to leverage their Strengths to achieve Trust, Compassion, Stability and Hope?

How to lead followers working from different Strengths Zones?

Module 4.Strengths Based Personality Development Programme

Will be programmed as per the specific requirement


  • College Students of all streams
  • Newly inducted Managers, Middle Level Managers, Team Leaders—operational, marketing, sales and research teams and HR (Talent Selection, Talent Engagement, Team Building, Performance Management away from the dreaded Bell Curve and Talent Development)


Programme being delivered by Gallup Certified Coach, Brig Satyendra Kumar, SM (Retd) and Maj Gen Sathish Nair, AVSM, VSM (Retd)

Brig Satyendra Kumar, SM (Retd), MSc, M Phil, MDBA,

Learner! Achiever! Strategic! Arranger! Input!
Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Visiting Faculty of the Christ University, Bengaluru
Volunteer Faculty of UNNATI (
Having field experience of leading, coaching and training for 12 years as an officer with the United Nations and 33 years with the Indian Army. Has a unique blend of practical and theoretical experiences of achieving goals in challenging environment of the world working with persons of diverse culture and nationalities in Indian and international environments.

Maj Gen SC Nair, AVSM (Retd), AVSM, MSc, M Phil

Consistency! Restorative! Empathy! Input! Developer
Currently a Visiting Faculty of the Christ University, Bengaluru
Having field experience of leading, coaching and training for 38 years with the Indian Army in India and Bhutan. Has a unique and singular achievement of excellence in strategizing, planning human resources including recruitment and training at the highest level.
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The key to success is to fully understand how to apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life.
Students Of The Christ University, Bengaluru
Understanding the Concept
Discovering Talents
Understanding Talents
Aha Moment: Discovered
Leveraging Strengths
Fully Engaged

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